Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The wind is blowing

Good Morning,
This picture was taken at a park near me about 3 weeks ago. I went by the tree this morning and the leaves on this same tree are not green anymore and alot of the leaves are gone.
The news around here today is that Rory is having a colonoscopy(?) tomorrow, so he is on a liquid diet. Oh such fun! I didn't realize what he needed, so I had to rush to the store this morning and get jello and broth. The girls have school this morning and I will pick them up and we will go to Costco. I am feeding a family tonight, besides my own.
Yesterday, I went to see the psychologist. It was a good session, like normal. The only way I can survive living with Rory is to treat him as my patient and I am the caregiver. She asked me, if he was to do a 180 in his actions and thinking, would that make any difference. I don't know at this point. If nothing could fail, at this point, I would want to live on my own with the girls, do my photography and organizing. This takes a big load off of me, to look at it this way.