Monday, October 26, 2009


Good Morning,
Last night we had some winds. I had been wondering when we were going to get our Santa Ana winds. It also brought back memories of the fires we had two years ago. This picture was taken in Foothill Ranch looking at the "hills" behind Ralph's. You can tell how the wind was blowing from the flag.
I ran errands with Marissa yesterday morning and then helped Susan with her storage unit. I came home and took a nap. Rory and Mari was watching a video of when the girls were babies(his favorite thing to do). I was trying to do what I needed to do. I felt very down in the dumps yesterday. I have been feeling like I have no real purpose. Yes, I know one of my purposes is to take care of my family, but I am not a housekeeper or a servant. I am angry with Rory. I want him to be independent and he is not and I have no respect for that. He is an adult and he could do things on his own. He is also irresponsible. I do not mind doing some things for the girls. I am going to look for a part time job for myself.
Long term goals are to write a book, I think called My Journey to Photography and go for the travel certificate. I also want to really improve on my photography. I have to remember one step at a time. I need to be kept accountable to keep me going. My dream is to use this house as a home base and to be able to see the world. Anyone want to help?