Thursday, October 8, 2009


Good Morning,

I am starting to read some devotionals on choices and last night I read the first one in this series and it came from Genesis and how Adam passed the buck to Eve and Eve passed the buck to the serpent. I have really developed an interest in photography and I am afraid to move forward and I make excuses and put everyone in my family and my friends in front of myself. I want to do photography and everyone has said how good the pictures I take are, but I am afraid to move forward. I have too many other things to do. Yesterday after I dropped the girls off at school and I went to Costco and got lunch, I did go through the canyon and take pictures. I have felt like I was in a box, but it was myself who put me in the box. I always feel like I am supposed to be doing something else.

Rory saw Michael yesterday and I get concerned I will have to go back to work and I don't know if I could go back to an 8 hour a day job. I know I cannot go back to appraising, as God has closed the door to that. I need to use this time, just in case, I do need to do some paying work, to build my skills in photography.

Here is another excuse I am using. Mari went on a walk with a friend and we were talking about doing excercise and I was making excuses why I couldn't do that. HELP! I need someone to push me not to make excuses for everything.