Sunday, October 4, 2009

God's day

Good Morning,

I am not sure what I feel today. I have a friend who is driving back to Utah and will be separating from her husband and will not be back to stay in the house she has lived in for a long time. I have a friend who is struggling financially and I have another friend who is separating from her husband. God has blessed us financially, but I feel like I just live with the man I am married to. In many ways, I would like to leave as well, but as I have no job that would not be a swift idea. I cannot go back to appraising. I want to reach out and make all things better for my friends, but I know I cannot fix it for any of the them. I can be there as a listening ear.

This picture I took on our Tahoe trip and it gives me peace. I am only planning one thing today and that is going to the PICs ministry meeting. I am not sure if that is where I should be either.

Lord, I am putting today in Your hands.