Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cool, Sunny Morning

Good Morning,

This is in a sense a relaxed day. I have travel class tonight and we have a quiz and then we start talking about France.

I overall enjoy Mondays. The girls have school all day and I have alone time. I did house stuff yesterday and also did my photography. I get frustrated, as I want to really get out and take pictures and travel. I guess I am not dealing with reality. I came home from step study last night and was frustrated. I really like to get to bed about 10. I ended up talking to friends and then when I got home, I talked to Mari and then Rory wanted tea. I wish he could do things for himself, but he is not that way. He wants everything done for him. There are times, when I am tired and frustrated and I really do not want to do things for anybody except myself. I know, in many ways that is being selfish, but in other ways that is taking care of me.

So I don't get frustrated with myself today, I had better get moving on my day.