Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Good Morning,

This is another picture of the fire two years ago. This is looking up the hill near our house.

Yesterday was a great day. Took the girls to school and then went over and picked up Janean and we went up to Whittier and took pictures of architecture and then worked ourselves home. It was a great day. Came home and got dinner together. In the past, I have been taking dinner on a tray up to Rory in our bedroom, after the input of a number of people, I have decided I will make dinner, but not take it up to him on a tray. I did it yesterday and of course he complained. He has been saying that he wanted to hire someone that could cook for him and bring his meals up to him on a tray. I told him he could hire this person if he wanted and later he said he wouldn't be doing this. Went to CR last night.

Today is mainly a day at home.