Saturday, August 22, 2009


Good Morning, it is Saturday.

Rory had a doctor's appt. yesterday, which took most of the morning. Found out that Mari was not approved for health insurance, as she is on an anti-depressant and her weight is too much. Time to work on really losing weight. Any suggestions, other than the normal weight loss programs. We want to work on losing weight the healthy way. Spent the majority of time at home in the morning. Got lunch at Olamendi's. My usual nap. Ran errands; which included the movie theater to get Marissa's check, Mari's work to get her schedule, Joanne's to get some material. While the girls were getting material, I picked up Rory from the mechanic and took him home. Came back and picked up the girls and went to get my new glasses, then to the store to get dinner and then to the bookstore to try to get our text books. CR was last night. A busy day.

Today is marketing day and getting Rory's car back from the mechanic. Car's are so expensive and so much fun. But what would we do without them. I plan to go to church tonight.

Better get going on a menu and marketing list. Enjoy the day.