Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cleaning Day

Good Morning,
It has been a busy week. The girls got to school on Monday and I ran some errands and made an appointment to have someone come out and fix our stove. Rory went to work, so I actually had some alone time in the house. YEA! The rest of the day was working through my list and that night was CR. Yesterday Janean came over and we worked on my photos. The man came over and fixed the stove, which took about 5 minutes. If it happens again, I know how to fix it. Last night, Mari started her French class and Marissa and I started a travel class. Marissa and I went to London in 3 hours. I am looking forward to the photography class on Thursday. Our cleaning people come today. My friend, Kare, leaves for Utah today. She is so in my prayers and I know this is the right decision.
The other night, I found out that another friend has been diagnosed with MS. She is in my prayers as well.
Another busy day! Trudi