Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crazy Wednesday

Good Morning,

It's another hot day. This picture was taken in Laguna Beach. My horizon line is in the middle, which I should not have done, but overall I love the picture.

Yesterday got crazy. Marissa was supposed to be on the bus at 11:09 and we usually leave around 10:45 and when we get to the bus stop there are 2 buses there. Yesterday there was only 1. I dropped Marissa off and went to the cleaners and then to take some pictures. I had a feeling she might have a problem with the bus and she did. The 85 bus did not show up and I had to take her to school as the next bus left at 11:29 and she would not have gotten to school on time. Earlier in the morning, Mari's work had called to ask her if she could work from 12-4. At that point it was ok. Luckily Rory was being slow in getting going. I had planned to come home after the cleaners and take Mari to work. With the bus problem, Rory had to take Mari to work. On the way to school, my cleaning people called and they were at the house at 11:30 a.m., which was early. After I dropped off Marissa, I went back to the house and let the cleaning people in, got lunch for Mari and me and then went back to school and picked up Marissa and went to Costco. I am tired just typing this. We came home and I tried to take another nap. Picked up Mari at 4 and went to Borders. Last night I had coffee with a friend and came home and went to bed.

Today, so far does not look too bad. Mari and I have photography class. I am glad I have dropped some of my committments. It makes things sort of easier.

Moving on. Trudi