Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another hot day

Good Morning,

This picture was taken in Irvine.

Yesterday, I got my photography homework completed and had to take Marissa to the bus. I got a chance to go out by myself to Costco. It was nice to listen to my music. Came home to reality. I have joined a new small group and went out to dinner with them and then to Night of Worship. It was very enjoyable and I love to listen to Pastor Buddy.

This morning about 4 a.m., God was talking to me. Mari has been considering giving her notice at Hallmark. God was telling me to tell her to wait until after Christmas and when I told her this morning, she told me that is what she was going to do. I also said she should then start taking 12 units, which is going to school full time. I have been looking at trying to get my pictures published and I am thinking at doing it a little bit at a time.

Something else came up on my Asperger's and Other Halves this morning about Adult Attachment Disorder/traumatic bonding. Need to look into this for myself, which might explain why I married and stay with Rory.

Lots to think about.