Saturday, November 7, 2009

The weekend

Good Morning,
It's Saturday. I am going to try to get to church this afternoon. Mari has to work from 2:30-6ish. Marissa gave away her hours, so she and I are going to run errands. Rory is supposed to work today, but who knows.
The only thing he is focusing on is the trust houses and all these things he wants me to do and all the emails he wants me to send. I will be handling this, but I have no clue who is doing what or who has what information and how much information Leah or Yvonne is going to give us. I love this being in no man's land. Plus I also have to deal with Thanksgiving. I have to remember, I just have to take today. I need to remember that. I don't have to eat the whole elephant.
Tomorrow we are taking a field trip to downtown Los Angeles to the Bonaventure and get Rory's medication, that he left at the hotel. We will take pictures and make some fun out of it.
Headed out, Trudi