Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mental Health Day

Hi, Well, I am running late again today, but it has been a wonderful, relaxing day.

Last night, I had dinner with Chris and Diane, which was nice and then I went to step study. We are so close to the end. Rory, Marissa and I are supposed to go to a hockey game on November 23 and I am hoping that the celebration dinner for step study is not on that night. When I got home, Mari was not feeling well, but I think she was just major tired.

Today, Rory disappeared and the girls and I have stayed home all day, which has been so nice. We have school tonight. I am not going back to school in the spring, unless something changes.

This is a picture of the old church, where the stained glass window came from yesterday. I love the architecture. I had better get dinner going, so heading out. Trudi