Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Historical Places-Balboa and Balboa Inn

The "Balboa" got its name from the coastal Balboa Peninsula at Newport Beach, CA.  People from the Los Angeles area who'd seen it started referring to it as "The Balboa" or the dance being done in Balboa.  Many dance historians state that the dance was a derivation of the foxtrot, others believe it evolved from the Charleston or Collegiate Shag.  Willie Desatof an original Balboa dancer of great distinction believes it evolved from the rhumba.  Balboa is an 8 count dance so a connection with other 8 count dances would be consistent. 

The Balboa Inn was built in 1929.  In its day was the number one hostelry on the Orange County Coast and today "Balboa Inn The Resort is one of the most popular resorts on the West Coast.  The Inn has been remodeled and modernized a number of times.  The Spanish architecture remains virually unchanged.  At one time the Balboa Theater, operated by Madame La Rue, stood next to the Balboa Inn. 

The pictures are of statues at the Inn.