Friday, September 18, 2009

I am so thankful it is Friday.

Good Morning,
I am so thankful it is Friday and the ONLY place I really have to go is Celebrate Recovery. Yesterday was exhausting and I blew it last night. Rory wanted me to take him to the dentist and then I had to take Marissa to the psychiatrist and then come back and pick up Rory. I was late getting there and I got told about it later. I made sure Rory had his lunch before I left. Mari and I had a class yesterday in photography yesterday. Something I really enjoy. I need to have confidence in myself to move forward. When I got home yesterday afternoon, I was exhausted, so I took a nap in Mari's room. Came out and Rory was downstairs. Marissa was making her dinner and I told her to go ahead and put Rory's dinner together and then Rory went into lecture mode on what he wanted for a salad. In the mean time, I realized they had forgotten my dinner and I had to go back and get it and then Rory went into lecture mode on me. I blew up at him for not doing things for himself. He also brought up the girls driving and I am so tired of hearing that. Financially, the girls having licenses would fall on us and I don't think that is fair. The girls need to take responsibility for their own independence and I would rather they focus on school. I am thankful that I can take them places. I will not be going to small group any more or to counseling. Went to counseling and then went to pick up Mari. I would love to take off and take pictures, but I want a purpose to do that. OK enough of the complaining. Have a good Friday.